Betting on Tennis – Betting on under/over

This type of betting occurs on offer for male and female tennis, however, is more popular in men’s tennis. This is due to the higher frequency es. If you want to bet this type of bet, you simply have to choose whether the total number of aces (sum of both players es) higher or lower than the bookmaker specified number.

If you are this type of betting attracts, here are some factors that you should take into account:

Statistics Service

Logically, the first step in an effort to identify individual players statistics service. If you will play against each other two players who do not have too good service, probably will not see much es.


A very important factor. On fast surface (grass, indoor hard court), you will see a lot more es than on clay or slower outdoor courts with hard surface. The surface of the court is very important and certainly you should not ignore. More information on this topic can be found in articles two-part series Surfaces courts.


Hot days lead to faster filing and thus will increase the number of aces. Cold and windy days gamers administration more difficult, leading to the fact that the EC is less. Again it is a negligible factor. If you pay attention to the weather, you will be able to make more accurate decisions.

Game Strategy

This factor will evaluate up during the actual match. Occasionally, a player whose big weapon is the administration, the administration will be more conservative. The reason is that the game chooses a different strategy. Such, that he thinks that his opponent would work best. That player is able to give a lot es, does not mean that it will always give. Watch carefully for the first few gems and try to evaluate both players playing strategy. The information obtained then use to place bets on the over/under until the end of the match.

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